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A school is a multi-faceted organization with different tasks to manage daily. While they can be a handful, you need the right tool to remain on top of your game and oversee all processes efficiently. 

SAFSIMS School Management Software interface


  • Record & Track Student Attendance

    Teachers can mark the daily presence or absence of students in class, specify reasons for absence, and view attendance reports for individual students and the entire class.

  • Notice patterns & provide support

    Teachers can monitor patterns relating to students' attendance or absence, provide additional support to struggling students, and make informed decisions about academic interventions.

SAFSIMS School Management Software reporting feature

Lesson note

  • Plan & organize lessons

    With the lesson note, teachers can keep track of lesson notes, topics covered, challenges encountered, and other relevant information for each lesson

  • Improve lessons:

    Teachers can review teaching strategies and make adjustments where necessary to meet the needs of students better

SAFSIMS School Management Software user interface


  • Create and assign tasks to students

    Teachers can create assignments and tasks to students, fix due dates, and provide instructions and grading criteria.

  • Assess student learning & give feedback

    Teachers can gauge the understanding of students based on their performance, provide feedback on individual assignments, and provide additional support

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Performance reports

  • Generate student reports

    Get access to detailed reports on student performance. View individual reports for each student and the entire class.

  • Make informed decisions about student progress

    Monitor patterns in student performance and provide additional support at the student and class levels.

SAFSIMS School Management Software notification system

Profile management

  • Create & manage profile

    Teachers can manage their profiles and update their information. They can personalize their profile, which helps them establish a professional presence and build trust with parents and students.

  • Network & connect with other teachers

    With their profiles, they can easily network and connect with other teachers in the school.

Calendar event

  • Create & manage events

    Teachers can create events on the shared calendar, which other teachers, students, and parents can access. They can easily schedule important events like tests, school trips, etc.

  • Easily coordinate schedules with others

    They can easily resolve scheduling conflicts. The shared calendar helps them identify these scheduling conflicts and make adjustments.

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