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A school is a multi-faceted organization with different tasks to manage daily. While they can be a handful, you need the right tool to remain on top of your game and oversee all processes efficiently. 

SAFSIMS School Management Software interface


  • Access to assignment details

    When teachers create and assign tasks to students, the student can easily access the details of these tasks on their dashboards.

  • Keep track of everything in one place

    From assignment details to due dates, task progress, and the feedback of the teacher, students can keep track of all important updates within the system

SAFSIMS School Management Software reporting feature

Learning materials

  • Access learning materials

    Teachers can upload learning materials, lecture notes, relevant videos, and other educational resources. Students can gain access to these materials by using a computer or a mobile device.

  • Supplementary classroom learning

    Leveraging these materials, students get to supplement their learning, engage in additional studies outside the classroom, and tailor their learning to improve on areas of difficulty

SAFSIMS School Management Software user interface

Performance charts

  • View academic progress

    Students can view their academic progress from their computers or mobile devices. They can also see the progress in different subject areas

  • Monitor their strengths and weakness

    With the insights from their performance, they can set personal goals to improve on their weak subject areas

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