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A school is a multi-faceted organization with different tasks to manage daily. While they can be a handful, you need the right tool to remain on top of your game and oversee all processes efficiently. 

SAFSIMS School Management Software interface


  • Get access to data

    Gather and analyse the data for all aspects of your school. You can generate custom reports for attendance, student performance, fees payment, results, etc.

  • Gain valuable insights from data

    You can adopt a data-driven approach to decision making. WIth the insights gotten from the reports, you can make informed decisions and take out the guesswork.

SAFSIMS School Management Software reporting feature

Report card builders

  • Customize and generate report cards

    You get to determine your grading and evaluation criteria while having access to a variety of report card templates

  • Accuracy & consistency in grading practices

    Achieve uniformity and make the report card creation process easier. It saves time and effort for members of staff to focus on other important tasks.

SAFSIMS School Management Software user interface

Calendar event

  • Create & manage events seamlessly

    Schools can easily schedule events and academic deadlines such as school fees reminders, deadlines for fee collections, parents and teachers conferences, etc. and share details with all parents and teachers instantly.

  • Improve communication & collaboration

    With an effective way of managing events, schools can stay organized while promoting the active participation of students and parents in all school activities

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Messaging system

  • Keep in touch with all stakeholders

    With the inbuilt messaging system, you can easily communicate with parents, staff, via WhatsApp and email and get instant replies

  • Improve communication without compromising your data:

    Regular school communications does not have to increase the administrative load on staff. You can achieve all of these within a secure system that gives only authorized users access to communicate with each other

SAFSIMS School Management Software notification system

Fees Management

  • Automate collection of fees

    You can easily create fees structure, payment schedules and automatically receive fees straight into the school account.The system automatically generates receipts and tracks each fees payment

  • Prevent financial leakages & errors

    Automatically reconcile payments with ease, track payment history, pending payments, and address all fee-related issues with accurate insights

Computer Based Testing (CBT)

  • Achieve cost-effective and efficient exam administration

    Administer computer-based tests and assessments to students. You can create, schedule, and administer tests on the application, while capturing their scores and performance instantly

  • Eliminate errors & improve the reliability of testing

    No more leaked papers and other inconsistencies associated with paper-based testing. You can now bank on the reliability and efficacy of your testing and assessment process

in-app support

  • Get help within the app

    No need to navigate a separate portal when you need help.. You can resolve issues and submit tickets all within the application

  • Quick & effective support

    Maximize the use of the software by getting all the help you need faster. Eliminate downtowns when you can get on-the-spot assistance with what you need

Performance evaluation

  • Generate performance reports

    Get a bird’s view of how students and staff are doing in the school and track the performance rate.

  • Improve school performance

    Make necessary adjustments based on the performance reports to increase the overall performance of your school and remain competitive

SAFSIMS School Management Software notification system

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Academic manager

  • Monitor academic performance

    With an eye on class-level and subject-level attendance, academic history, and grade, you can manage the academic progress of your students effectively

  • Provide regular academic feedback to students

    Easily identify students meeting your academic standards and those lagging behind. Provide appropriate feedback and help all students meet the standard for academic excellence

Account management

  • Easily manage & organize user accounts

    Create, edit, and delete user accounts for staff, parents, and students without hassles. Assign roles and permissions and upload bulk of data with a few clicks

  • Enhance data security

    Restrict access to certain school data to only authorized personnel, thereby creating data security and confidentiality

Multiple Themes & Layout

  • Customize the appearance of the application for your school

    With a variety of pre-designed themes and layout, you can make your dashboard, logo, and colours unique to your school

  • Improve user experience & engagement

    A visually appealing and user-friendly platform for your school will enhance the engagement of stakeholders and drive loyalty to your school.

SAFSIMS School Management Software

Grade book/Performance reports

  • Track student scores

    Capture scores and compile results faster. Get a summary of each student’s academic progress whenever you need it

  • Achieve accuracy in student grading

    Avoid the errors and associated embarrassment that comes with mixing up students scores and grades. Students are guaranteed to get accurate report on their performance

SAFSIMS School Management Software user interface
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