FlexiSAF Partners with Jaiz Bank to Provide Funding for Schools

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This year, the economy has taken quite a hit, and many businesses are struggling. Schools are not left out as they need funds to meet their needs.  At FlexiSAF Edusoft Limited, we recognized these pressing financial needs of schools and the shortage of funds available to them. Hence, we partnered with Jaiz Bank to solve this problem of lack of funding for schools.

Schools can finally get the financial lifeline they need, when they need it. That’s exactly what’s happening. 

Funding for Schools: What’s it All About?

Running a school isn’t just about teaching. It’s also about ensuring the right environment for learning, and inadequate funds can sometimes be in the way of that. That’s where our partnership with Jaiz Bank comes in. It will provide schools with the following:

Access to Financing

With this partnership, schools can easily access funds for new projects like school buildings, renovation, etc. For example, if a school wants to set up a new library or sports centre, they can now do so easily.  They don’t have to wait for years to put all the money together before they get started with the project. All they have to do is register via this link, and the team will be in touch with them.

Friendly Repayment Terms 

The school financing via the FlexiSAF and Jaiz Bank partnership comes with friendly and flexible repayment terms. Our joint goal is to ease the financial burden on these schools while enabling them to provide quality education.

The repayment terms include zero interest rate and an extended repayment period. These terms are strategic to help schools without also compromising their financial stability. That way, schools can manage their finances without stress.

Room for Growth & More Impact

With access to funds, schools can dream bigger. Whether it’s time for a tech upgrade or, perhaps, a new art program that needs funding, these dreams can become a reality with the funding for schools. 

It also means more quality education, better infrastructure, and high-quality teachers. Also, teachers can keep teaching while students keep learning. All of these can happen in a conducive and well-equipped environment.

Safety Net for Rainy Days 

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. It could be that a storm damaged part of the school building or an unexpected expense popped up. The school loans from Jaiz Bank will serve as a safety net. Schools can now face these challenges head-on without compromising the learning process.

How to Access the Funding for Schools

The starting point is filling out this form. By filling out the form, you are indicating interest in getting the credit facility and providing us with information about your funding needs as well as contact information on how to reach you.

After receiving the indication of interest, the next step for us is to get in touch and confirm your school’s inflow and capacity to take on the amount of funding you require. We’ll then link you up with the Jaiz Bank branch in your preferred location to open an account and meet the necessary requirements.

Once we finalize the documentation process, your school gets the financing you need. You can now embark on that school building project, get that infrastructure, or fill up staff gaps in the school.

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