Introducing SAFSIMS: Give Your Students The Best Structure For Learning With Our School Management System In Nigeria

A simple, affordable, flexible solution that is used by thousands of educators in Nigeria to ease their school processes, improve transparency, accountability, efficiency, and communication.

School management is an integral part of the educational process for teachers, students and parents alike. It is the responsibility of the school owners and administrators to ensure that the operations, documentation and non-academic activities of any academic institution do not interfere with the school’s ability to carry out its primary objective; providing quality education for students.Regardless of the size, curriculum and grade level of the school, it is important that all activities of the school are managed, documented and communicated correctly to all parties involved to ensure continuity and seamless operation.

The Need for Effective School Management In Nigeria

Developing a school management system is important for school owners and administrators in Nigeria to be able to efficiently manage their school activities. School management has been approached by various schools in different ways, employing various tools, methods and software to manage the several activities of their school. Activities like fee payments and calculation require a combination of computer software and paper documentation while parent communication is heavily reliant on report cards and physical meetings. Student performance management is usually documented manually and documented in files. The lack of a centralized system for school management increases the administrative overhead of schools, leads to inefficiency in the documentation and also reduces the academic productivity of teachers due to the administrative duties they need to carry out.

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Benefits of SAFSIMS (Our Portal to the Future)

School management can be unified and automated from school administration to teacher management using a unified system that shares data across different user types and activities in a simplified school management system designed for Nigerian schools. Taking the Nigerian curriculum and term type into consideration, we can provide a solution that will give school administrators access to the best school management system in Nigeria.

SAFSIMS provides school administrators in Nigeria with a school management system that allows the users to use all school management systems in a simple solution.

SAFSIMS provides a portal for school administrators to:
●       Update and collect fee payments
●       Create and update student and class documentation
●       Collate compile and share students results
●       Effectively communicate with parents
●       Manage staff and staff activities

SAFSIMS for Fees

School fees management, collection and documentation is an important part of school and student management. From determining how much school fees a student is supposed to pay for tuition, uniforms, books and other school services (like feeding and boarding house amenities) school administrators spend time documenting prices and collating together to form school fees requirements on a per-student basis. Most schools send total costs for students and parents have to determine how much is paid for each child but with the SAFSIMS fees payment solution, school administrators can simply update the payment amounts for each school activity. Parents can review the total amounts and fees breakdown for each of their children.
Parents have access to multiple payment methods for their children’s fees including but not limited to:

Update and collect fee payments

Payment via Debit Cards

Payment via a banking application

The SAFSIMS payment portal manages the amounts paid, issues receipts to parents, and updates student records automatically, updating what the student is eligible for.

Create and update student and class documentation

An important part of school management is managing the students and their activities in a school. Management of students within a school involves:

●       Assigning student Identification numbers
●       Assigning students to classes
●       Assigning subjects to students and classes
●       Monitoring student attendance
●       Monitoring student performance

These activities require accurate and continuous updating to ensure that student information is accurate to help the school make informed decisions and ensure that parents have the correct information about their child’s school activities.

SAFSIMS provides a simple and efficient tool to help teachers and school administrators to manage all student activities easily, automatically update student records and reduce errors in student documentation. With the student creation and class assignment portals, administrators can add students and assign them to classes. Within these classes, class teachers have access to update attendance and activity records. Subject teachers can also update academic performance records on each subject. With the student management tool, all student records and information is stored effectively and errors in student records management are limited.

Online Result Management with SAFSIMS

Student results recording and analysis is important for everyone involved in education.

●       Teachers need to record results and assess student’s subject performance on an individual and class basis.
●       School administrators need to be able to view results records, compile these records and communicate these records to parents.
●       School administrators also need to be able to analyse results and gauge the school’s academic performance by subject, teacher, class and student.
●       Parents need to be able to access their children’s academic performance to make informed decisions about their children’s academic progress
●       The academic performance of a child is important to offer the student effective guidance and counseling.
●       Stakeholders like government institutions and Educational bodies need to be able to review school performances on a subject, class, and even on a school level across different demographics.

To effectively meet these needs, SAFSIMS comes equipped with a results management portal that provides teachers with access to record students’ results and continuous assessment performance.School administrators can compile these results and send these results to parents. Parents can have access to student results, results analysis and a platform to download these results and provide feedback.

Effective Communication Between Schools and Parents

Parent engagement is an important part of school management as parents require concise and up-to-date information about their child’s progress and academic performance and other school activities.

Using SAFSIMS, parents can view their child’s profile, view compiled results and academic history, they can also view the class, teachers and information.The system also provides a platform for parents to pay school fees directly. Parents can view payable fees, make payments and view receipts.

School Staff Management

From employing the right staff to managing the staff operations of the school and documentations, School administrators can have all their activities in one place with SAFSIMS.SAFSIMS provides a platform for:
●       Staff profiling Including
●       Pictures
●       Curriculum Vitae
●      Contact information
●       Medical Reports
●       Staff assignments and reporting for academic and non-academic staff
●       Salaries and payment records
●       Downloadable performance analysis for all staff

These will enable school owners to spot trends within the school, identify redundancies and reduce overhead.

Effective school management is the bedrock of effective education for any child. With SAFSIMS, school management tasks will become simplified and more efficient and this will lead to better organized and effective schools.

SAFSIMS Features

Speed and Efficiency

SAFSIMS is designed with a high level of knowhow and thoroughness. This means that we can guarantee a product that will deliver on it’s promises without unforeseen or unfixable issues. And also assure you that it operates at a high speed.

Cloud Based

Our platform gives you the advantage of being able to be accessed by any internet connected device. Having a cloud based school management system has many advantages. A few of them is that your school’s data is safely secured on powerful servers, which neutralizes the risk of losing data.


We have a really flexible solution that is more than able to bend itself to fit into any unique challenges that you are facing in your school. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and take time to get to know the pain points of clients before tweaking our solution to fit your needs

Why You Should Choose Us

The advantages of having a product don’t come with that product’s features alone. But also with the processes of the product’s makers.

Consultancy and Support

We are not just interested in selling our products. We are invested in making sure that any school we have the pleasure of crossing paths with improves by their relationship with us. And we are willing to give our expertise in pursuit of this goal.
We have on hand, a brilliant support team that not only helps with the set up, but is always on hand to answer any questions and/or queries. We have different platforms in which we can be contacted.

Ticketing System

We have a ticketing system with numerous agents on hand to handle any issues you may have with the platform. Our agents are professional and excellent at their jobs.

Phone Lines

If you need a more live and hands on approach to issues we can deliver on that too. We have phone agents ready to listen to whatever issues you may have.

About The Company

Flexisaf Edusoft is a company that has existed for more than a decade with the sole purpose of reinventing education with technology. This journey has lead us to understanding the things that need to improve in education and with our knowledge, expertise and desire, we have been able to come up with solutions to tackle this problem

Price Structure

SAFSIMS has a flexible termly pricing model.
Because the F in SAF stands for flexible, our pricing rates are also slightly negotiable.
We also charge an initial set-up and training fee which starts from N200,000 depending on a number of factors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Software

We’re always happy to answer questions about SAFSIMS!

What is the initial start up process like?

We try to make the SAFSIMS start-up process as smooth as possible. Once your interest has been confirmed, you should receive a proposal from an assigned sales staff. A data collection form will be sent out to your school after payment has been made. Then the information collected from this will be used to configure your school’s SAFSIMS database.
After this, a staff training will now be scheduled which usually takes 3 days or less (depending on the number of your staff that we need to train). Once the training process is complete, your school can begin using SAFSIMS smoothly.

How long is the initial startup process?

Typically, the entire start-up process takes less than 2 weeks, depending on how fast you are able to return your data collection form.

If I have a problem using SAFSIMS what do I do?

If you have any questions about how to use some features on SAFSIMS, kindly visit our comprehensive Knowledge base which can be accessed directly from the app by clicking on the ‘Need Help’ button at the top. Just type in your query into the search bar on the Knowledge base to get a response.
Alternatively, you may also get assistance from the staff in your school who is the designated SAFSIMS Admin.
In the chance that you still cannot find the information you need or if you are experiencing a system error, you can get in touch with a support officer by raising a help ticket right from the ‘Need Help‘ button on the app.

How Do I get a free demo of SAFSIMS?

If you want to see how SAFSIMS works, request an instant free demo directly on the website. Log in details will be sent to your email with which you can access and try out an online demo. As a standard follow up procedure, a sales staff will contact you a few days later to find out your demo experience. You may use this avenue to schedule a live demo presentation if you wish.

How Do I get a free demo of SAFSIMS?

If you want to see how SAFSIMS works, request an instant free demo directly on the website. Log in details will be sent to your email with which you can access and try out an online demo.As a standard follow up procedure, a sales staff will contact you a few days later to find out your demo experience. You may use this avenue to schedule a live demo presentation if you wish.

Can I Transfer My Data From Another Platform to SAFSIMS?


How Secure Is My Data On SAFSIMS

Safety of your data stored on SAFSIMS is 100% guaranteed. With de-centralised log-in access for every staff role, each staff can access information that only concerns their job role.In addition, all of SAFSIMS information is hosted on a very secure cloud service which uses network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Contact us if you are interested in taking your school to the future and making it more efficient. We hope to hear from you soon.

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